Welcome to the Friends Of Shalford Primary School

FOSPS is a small group consisting mainly of parents and teaching staff of Shalford pupils.  We are very much a team and we are always delighted to welcome new faces. At the moment we are meeting virtually so please message using fosps1@yahoo.com if you would like to get involved.

FOSPS aims to raise funds which are then used to benefit the children of Shalford Primary School, either through organised events, treats or equipment; for specific groups or for the school as a whole. Ideas are created by FOSPS or the school can apply for funds and these are voted on at a FOSPS meeting.

Some of the regular things FOSPS have done include provision of PE bags for new starters, contributing towards yr 6 leavers events and whole school trips.  We have provided discos, pantomimes, bake sales and fairs.  While we are a little more restricted at the moment we still have plenty of plans in place and keep everyone updated via our facebook page, the school newsletter and our sign board on the front gate.

You can support FOSPS in a number of ways:

  • Use our easy fundraising link when you do any online shopping, please click here 
  • Join in the conversations on our Facebook page, please click here   
  • Volunteer to help with an event.
  • Use our uniform ordering service. (New and pre-loved.)

FOSPS Uniform ordering

Jessie Tabor currently looks after a stock of pre-loved uniform for FOSPS. Items are usually priced at £1 and are regularly posted on the facebook page. Do always ask at any point if you’re on the hunt for something, there’s always a chance we have it. You can message Jessie via the Facebook page, leave a message at the school office or email FOSPS directly on fosps1@yahoo.com. All proceeds go to FOSPS.

New uniform is ordered through Katie Furlong and this can be done using the form on this page. A small amount of money on each item ordered through us goes to FOSPS.

Please email FOSPS (fosps1@yahoo.com) or contact Katie through the Facebook page with any queries.