The Friends of Shalford Primary School (FOSPS) is a small group consisting mainly of parents and teaching staff of Shalford pupils. We are very much a team and we are always delighted to welcome new faces.  

FOSPS aims to raise funds which are then used to the benefit of children at Shalford Primary School, either through organised events, treats or equipment; for specific groups or for the school as a whole. In addition, the school can apply in writing for a grant from FOSPS; for the full or partial payment towards a specific activity, event or item for benefit of some or all of the pupils of Shalford Primary School. The outcome of the application will be then be voted upon at the next FOSPS meeting.

We usually hold meetings at 2pm in school on a weekday, every fortnight. We have a Facebook page (www.bit.ly/friendsofshalford) which is regularly updated with all our news and events.