Piglet visits Elm Class

As part of our Science and History topic, growing and changes in humans and animals, Mrs Blumfield brought in a 10 day old piglet. We learnt that the piglet drinks milk, just like babies do, in order to help them grow.

We were allowed to stroke the piglet. She felt very soft and had some fur on her.  She was making lots of noise as we stroked her as she was quite scared being in a new environment. After we stroked the piglet, we made sure that we washed our hands to make sure that we didn’t have any germs on her.

The piglet lives on a farm and will grow to be very big.

Mrs Blumfield also visited the other classes in the school so that they could see the new born piglet and ask questions.

Thank you Mrs Blumfield for taking the time to come and talk to us about the piglets and life on a farm.